8 November 2019

Football Tournament

Year 5 and 6 competed in a football tournament at Parklands this week.

18 October 2019

Spooky Halloween Discos!

Both Key Stages had a fantastic time at their Spooky Halloween Discos!

17 October 2019

Intergenerational Project

Halloween at Buttermere

16 October 2019

Harvest at Chorley Methodist Church

Today the whole school took part in our Harvest Festival at Chorley Methodist Church.

15 October 2019

KS1 Art Gallery

Showcasing art in KS1

10 October 2019

My School App

New school app for parents

26 September 2019

Astley Hall Visit Year 3

Year 3 trip to Astley Hall to look at Tudor life style.

25 September 2019

Year 1 and 2 Trip to Chorley Library

Year 1 and 2 visited Chorley Library.

24 September 2019

Year 6 Trip to Astley Hall

Year 6 visited Astley Hall on Tuesday 24th September to support their topic work and develop their geography skills in the local area. {gallery:year 6 astley}

20 September 2019

TTRockstars Day 2019

We celebrated our first 'TTrockstars Battle Day' by dressing up as rock stars!

19 September 2019

Year 5 Trip to Astley Hall

Year 5 Tudor Trip

18 September 2019

Year 4 Trip to Astley Hall

Year 4 visited Astley Hall as part of our History topic of The Tudors.