At Gillibrand we aim to inspire pupils to develop a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. Knowledge about diverse places, people and environments is key to develop their curiosity and understanding. Within our Geography lessons, we focus on knowledge about places and their location and also environments around us. Children have opportunities to develop their mapping, fieldwork and enquiry skills.

In Key Stage One, children are taught about their local environment, the country they live in and the UK. They will develop an awareness of landscapes around them from first hand observations. They are encouraged to celebrate diversity through comparing and contrasting their locality to that of others.

As children progress through Key Stage Two, their knowledge and skills are built upon and extended. Children will develop their knowledge about the UK and will get more opportunities within our local community to study human and physical landscapes, environmental issues, landscape uses and advancing map skills.

Whenever possible, we actively encourage all our children to learn and apply their geographical skills both outdoors and in the local environment and community so learning is relevant, purposeful and meaningful.

Geography photos