At Gillibrand we understand that all children learn and progress at different rates.  Our aim is to ensure that all children leave school fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics and can reason mathematically, solve problems and apply their skills and knowledge in a range of contexts.  To do this, we tailor learning to meet the individual needs of all our pupils, in this way ensuring all children are given the opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential. 

Where possible, staff provide opportunities for pupils to understand and identify how specific skills are essential in everyday life. This not only brings a deeper understanding of their learning but also gives learning a real sense of purpose. We believe in ensuring children understand how to use and apply their mathematics skills in a wide range of contexts, thus preparing them to succeed in life.  We have adopted a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach to support understanding and reasoning in mathematics.  Furthermore, we provide a range of regular opportunities to ensure children retain prior learning including morning mathematics, daily arithmetic and cross-curricular lessons. 


Calculation policies

Calculation Policy - Addition

Calculation Policy - Subtraction

Calculation Policy - Multiplication

Calculation Policy - Division

Times Tables Facts

Knowing all multiplication facts up to 12 x 12 is a requirement by the end of year 4. So one of the ways we make learning more fun is through singing our times tables!

Click below for links to help your child learn multiplication facts. Have fun!

Learn times tables

Once your child is in year 2, make sure your child also logs on to Times Tables Rock Stars - a fun way of learning their times tables.

Other free websites that your child can enjoy at home include:

BBC Schools

Snappy Maths

Top marks


Whole school maths