At Gillibrand, we encourage children to be inspired by and enjoy the practical elements of DT by providing opportunities for children to apply skills in real-life situations or purposeful contexts linked to other subjects.  Pupils are given opportunities to apply skills from art, maths, science and computing to explore, design, create and evaluate their creations.  This makes learning meaningful and relevant, engaging pupils effectively in the journey they undergo as designers.

We have chosen five key areas in which children are given opportunities to explore, design and make, and evaluate.  These include mechanisms, food, electrical systems, structures and textiles.   Although textiles is no longer a requirement of the National Curriculum, we have worked hard to integrate it into our curriculum as we believe it is a life-long skill because  it teaches the children the importance of sewing and prepares them for their future lives.

Annually, we hold a DT week, prior to Christmas, where children are given opportunity to plan and design Christmas gifts for their families, using a systematic approach. Additionally, every 4 years, we hold an Enterprise week in Key Stage 2, where pupils work in teams to design, create and sell products whilst developing their understanding of finance and financial capability.



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