At Gillibrand Primary School we want every child to be happy and enthusiastic learners of PE and to understand the importance of keeping both a healthy body and healthy mind, through physical activity. Within our lessons, we offer a curriculum that allows our pupils to experience a range of sporting activities, giving them the opportunity to succeed and excel their individual abilities as well as experience sports that they may otherwise not have the opportunity to do. We use the Sports Premium Funding to enrich the curriculum for our pupils in a variety of ways. Over an academic year, we employ a range of expert coaches to teach specialised sport for example tennis, judo, fencing and archery. Pupils from Reception to Year 6 benefit from this investment, giving them a wide variety of experiences and the opportunity to learn sports that are not part of the statutory curriculum, however allow them to transfer the skills from the National Curriculum in a different way. We also invest in intensive swimming lessons for our KS2 children, with the end goal of being able to confidentially swim 25m by the time they leave the school. Children are also educated in water safety, leaning basic lifesaving skills and the understanding of why it is so important that they learn to swim.


Through our well-structured and balanced PE curriculum, pupils will have opportunities to compete in sport and other activities which helps them to embed values of fairness and respect.   This is further enhanced by the wide range of extra curriculum sporting clubs that are run before and after school by both school staff and outside specialist coaches.   We also buy in to the Chorley School Sports Partnership Service, not only do they offer support with staff training and the running of after school clubs, but over an academic year, they run a wide range of sporting competitions and festivals enabling our pupils to enjoy show casing their talents and experience healthy inter-school competition. All children, annually take part in our sports day, that every four years takes a unique twist and is themed around the Olympics.