Children are naturally curious about the world in which they live. Through the science curriculum, the school aims to give the children the opportunity to ask questions, to investigate, to formulate hypotheses, to design and carry out experiments and to make observations and record results.

Children start to explore aspects of Science in the early years, when they discover more about themselves and the world in which they live. The Science National Curriculum is then taught from Year 1 to Year 6, where pupils learn more about simple physical phenomena, properties of materials, animals and humans and how substances and materials relate to one another and can change in different conditions. Children follow a structured programme of learning, where these science topics are taught in an age- appropriate way, as they progress through school. We use our local environment and community to ensure that learning is relevant to the pupils and makes sense to their current lives.

Children explore scientific facts through testing, working towards designing their own experiments to get clear and accurate results. They investigate scientific questions, test and then analyse results.

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