At Gillibrand we aim to give the children a broad and balanced musical education. They will learn about:

  • Performing                                      
  • Composing
  • Transcribing - Writing Music
  • Describing Music

The children will cover a wide range of musical aspects and be offered the opportunity to:

  • Play a musical instrument as part of a whole class.

     The range of instruments include:

  • Exploring instruments - Oak Class
  • Percussion - Beech Class
  • Ocarina - Holly Class
  • Glockenspiel - Willow Class
  • Recorder - Sycamore Class
  • Recorder - Silver Birch Class
  • Samba Drumming - Elm Class


  • Progress to a higher standard of play, through extra sessions before and after school.
  • Sing as part of a whole school choir.
  • Investigate the History of Music.
  • Create and experiment with different sounds and instruments.
  • Be able to read music on the Treble Clef

We have a choir in school which meets every Thursday after school. 

Individual instrument lessons are also available through Lancashire Music Service. The instruments offered currently include keyboard and guitar. 

Our choir and musicians are given the opportunity to perform within whole school assemblies, class assemblies and out in the community at events.


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