In an ever-changing world of technological advancements, at Gillibrand, we see the teaching of Computing as vital in preparing children for their future success.  Primarily, we want our children to be safe online and we want them to become responsible users of ICT in all aspects of their life. To ensure this all children throughout the school sign an Acceptable User Policy (AUP) that outlines clear expectations for the use of any computing equipment. We teach Online Safety continuously and have focus days every term. This ensures pupils and staff stay informed of changes to social media, gaming and the dangers, as well as the benefits, of the internet. 

As a school, we are passionate about using technology to enhance learning. Computing skills are taught discretely then applied in a cross-curricular manner through all other subjects. This promotes engagement in every topic through the variety of hardware and software that school has invested in. Pupils use the variety of apps and computer programs at their disposal to produce, store and share their learning. A key focus of the primary curriculum is the teaching coding. Coding and computer programming are taught discretely through our school coding progression. Aspects of coding are taught from EYFS where the basic principles of instructional language are learnt, through to Year 6 where children create interactive and complicated algorithms. Furthermore, we have designed and created a progression in coding so that all children are taught and challenged at their own level ensuring quick progress and adequate challenge in all year groups.

Through the use of blogging we teach children how computing and modern technology can be used to share their writing with a wider audience. By using a range of computing skills, children regularly share their work with a worldwide audience. This allows us to teach keyboard and publishing skills as well as teaching our children to share in a safe and responsible way. Additionally, we actively use Twitter to share our learning. All classes have a twitter pages and we are open to the fact that many teachers have professional accounts too. By using Twitter, we aim to model safe and effective social media use and show our children that when it is used effectively, it can provide opportunities to learn, engage and communicate.

Computing 2018