Hello and welcome to our school. 


Our aim is to do as much as we can to help the whole school. We will listen to all ideas and take them to our meetings. It is our duty to try to make the school fun and a better place, working at all times to ensure all children get the best education.  The School Council always supports our school mission statement of Community, Arts and Culture and Aspirations.


Our main objective this year, is to promote recycling and saving energy as a school, as we feel that this is an important issue that we face today. We will be looking at recycling plastics within school, saving energy in the classrooms by monitoring electrical items and keeping our local environment tidy. 


We are also looking forward to fundraising to help other people in our local community. 


We want all children to speak to us at any time about their ideas for Gillibrand School. We would love to hear ideas about more ways in which we can get involved in recycling in our school to help our community.


Thank you


The School Council