‘The Blogging Project’ is a fantastic opportunity for our children to share their writing with a global audience in a safe and secure manner. All classes this year will complete blogging in some form, and we hope you as parents can become involved too by reading the children’s blog posts, commenting positively on their blogs and encouraging them to blog at home as well as in school.

Each class blog can be found at https://gillibrandblogs.net/

Individual class blogs

Reception    https://gillibrandblogs.net/oak2018/

Year 1          https://gillibrandblogs.net/beech2018/

Year 2          https://gillibrandblogs.net/holly2018/

Year 3          https://gillibrandblogs.net/willow2018/

Year 4          https://gillibrandblogs.net/sycamore2018/

Year 5          https://gillibrandblogs.net/silverbirch2018/

Year 6          https://gillibrandblogs.net/elm2018/

We can't wait to see how the children's blog writing develops, and we hope you will be regular visitors to the pages.

Thank you for your support.