On this page you will find all the information needed around the proposal to join Aspirational Futures, 

Letter to Parents February 2023

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a MAT?

Within a Multi Academy Trust ( MAT) all schools within it are governed by one Academy trust. Each school retains its own governing body. The schools governing bodies operate subject to the control of the trust which has ultimate responsibility for the running of the individual academies. The trust is accountable and responsible for the performance of each of the academies and may delegate its decision-making powers to the governing bodies of the individual academies


What is the new structure?

When the school joins the MAT, there will be three tiers of governance. These three tiers will be:

Members of the MAT - responsible for fundamental decisions such as constitution of the academy trust – most strategic decisions are delegated to the Directors.

Board of Directors of the MAT (‘the board’), also known as trustees. These are the individuals who run the MAT on a day to day basis and will decide on what and where support is offered. They will also potentially offer centralised services such as HR, IT, Finance etc. The directors will be ultimately responsible for all of the academies in the Trust.

Local Governing Bodies (LGB) for each academy school. In multi academy trusts, each academy will usually have its own LGB. These have a similar status to committees of a maintained governing body and the powers they have are those that are delegated to them by the board.


Will our schools change?

We will continue to be an amazing school where every child is valued and where we continue to Nurture Children’s Dreams. We therefore do not intend to change except in ways we think will improve the school even more. For children, it is unlikely that they would see much, if any, change in their day-to-day school lives.

Will the school change its name/uniform?

There will be no change to the name logo or uniform of our school. Each school in the MAT is committed to the retention of its individual identity. We will continue to be Gillibrand, with our same vision and values at the heart of everything we do.


Would the holiday dates be the same?

Academies are able to set their own term dates but are asked to set the same or similar dates in the interest of parents who may have children at different schools.

Moving forward, we will set the same holiday pattern as all schools in the MAT. However, we have already set our holiday pattern for 2023-2024.

What are the benefits of our school being a MAT?

In the school’s opinion the benefits are numerous:

  • Schools in the MAT will support one another through formal collaboration. 
  • We can forge even stronger relationships and links within our local community, to ensure pupils/students in the MAT contribute to and feel part of the local community.
  • We can access support from Parklands teachers who will  be able to provide subject specific support, for example in Modern Foreign Languages/ music.
  • We can ensure Gillibrand staff have a greater understanding of the secondary curriculum in order to prepare children better for Year 7.
  • Our teachers will be able to provide support regarding literacy and phonics and how to better support pupils when they enter secondary education.
  • We can collaborate on INSET days.
  • We can align school holidays.
  • We will have economies of scale when it comes to purchasing goods and services. 


What is the timescale for conversion?

The entire process from start to finish generally takes up to about 6 months, with conversions being official on the 1st of the month. It would be a smooth transition in which children, staff and parents are unlikely to perceive any change, and no disruption to the normal running of the school. If we convert, the date would be determined with the Department for Education and we would let you know when it is confirmed.

More information can be found on the following website too: