Our blogging project was developed with the aim of improving children's writing, and is a fantastic opportunity for our children to share their work with a global audience in a safe and secure manner.  

As one of our pupils commented, "8 billion people could read my writing!"

We have a dedicated blogging site and each class has their own page, which can be accessed by clicking on the links below. All classes this year will complete blogging in some form, and we hope you as parents can become involved too by reading the children’s blog posts, commenting positively on their blogs and encouraging them to blog at home as well as in school.

Click here to be taken to the Gillibrand Blogs website

Individual class blogs

Reception - Oak Class 

Year 1 - Beech Class

Year 2 - Holly Class         

Year 3 - Willow Class          

Year 4 - Sycamore Class         

Year 5 - Silver Birch Class        

Year 6 - Elm Class

Mrs Clayton also has her own blog on the site and this can be accessed via the following link.

Headteacher's Blog

How to comment

To comment on blogs, find the individual blog and click on the title. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find the comment box. This will then go through to the Class Teacher for approval before being published.

We would really encourage you to also follow your child’s class on Twitter. It will give you an insight into day to day classroom life and also allow you to easily access your child’s writing and blog posts. We have been impressed by the power of Twitter to support children, not only in their learning, but their hunger to produce writing and share it so that others can enjoy it too. Via this medium, children have had comments from such people as author Anthony Horowitz:


As well as the school Twitter account (@Gillibrand_Sch) there is now a Twitter page set up for each class. The Twitter handles for each class are listed below.


Twitter Name

Twitter Handle

Reception Class

Gillibrand Oak Class


Year One

Gillibrand Beech Class


Year Two

Gillibrand Holly Class


Year Three

Gillibrand Willow Class


Year Four

Gillibrand Sycamore Class


Year Five

Gillibrand Silver Birch Class


Year Six

Gillibrand Elm Class



We can't wait to see how the children's blog writing develops, and we hope you will be regular visitors to the pages.

Thank you for your support.